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We enable better decision-making for our customers

We enable better decision-making for our customers

Intito aspires to be a global beacon of expertise, setting unmatched industry standards. We help organizations use sophisticated data-driven tools to make smart decisions. We aim to be the top choice for professionals and trusted advisor for clients.

Our story

Beginning in 2014, our story started with the idea that great people using great tools could revolutionize our client’s way of working. Our approach is to combine unmatched software skills with subject matter expertise and a business-oriented mindset, bridging the gap from definition of needs to tangible results. From the very beginning, it has been important to us to work in a transparent and humane way with both our employees and our customers.

Our operating model strongly resonates among both our clients and employees, inspiring commitment to strive towards a common goal with growth emerging naturally as a result. From the outset, we have leaned heavily on our original idea and values, supporting a culture of intelligent teamwork that flourishes without the need for personal compromise.

Today, our experts work across Finland, Sweden, and Norway, serving companies throughout Europe and around the globe. We look forward to continuing on this path and welcome new customers and experts to join our journey.

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“Intito’s experts really understand financial management and have in-depth knowledge of technology. They seemed to understand immediately what we needed.”

Samu Kuosmanen, Director of Digital Services, Siun sote


Modern organizations need to be able to make quick decisions to compete in a rapidly changing world.

As an IBM Gold Business Partner, our experienced team has implemented hundreds of projects leveraging IBM data & AI tools – IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Controller and Watson X.

We provide our clients with market-leading AI-infused solutions for their extended planning, analysis and consolidation needs.

IBM’s comprehensive suite of Data & AI tools helps organizations make data-driven decisions, optimize operations and achieve better business results.

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Insightsoftware – Certent Disclosure Management (CDM) for automatic narrative reporting

Insightsoftware’s Certent Disclosure Management (CDM) automates narrative performance reporting, streamlining collaboration on a unified platform. No more manual checks or email exchanges. With workflow and audit trail features, CDM ensures accurate and timely reports. It also includes a robust XBRL engine and Filing packages for COREP/FINREP, Solvency II, and ESMA, developed in collaboration with regulators.

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    At first glance, IBP (Integrated Business Planning) and S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) may seem to mean the same thing, but in reality they do not. IBP differs from S&OP by taking a holistic view of a company's business and looking to the future.

  • Navigating the Pillar Two rules

    The Pillar Two rules are coming, and soon! Large multinationals should assess whether they are affected by these complex new regulations, and if so, it is definitely the time to prepare for implementation in the near future.

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Ready to transform your business? Contact us!

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