Intito ESG Solution

Intito ESG Solution

Discover the Intito ESG Solution – your comprehensive key to EU sustainability reporting. Seamlessly comply with CSRD in annual financial statements on one platform. Simplify data collection, automate reporting, perform comprehensive analysis, set targets and track progress.


EU requires companies to report on sustainability matters in a standardized way, following the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) integrated into their annual financial statements. Data and processes must undergo auditing, as they require board approval.

CSRD applies to companies meeting any two of the following criteria (starting 1.1.2025 fiscal year):

  • 250 employees
  • 50 MEUR in revenue
  • 25 MEUR in balance sheet value

Intito ESG Solution in a Nutshell

The Intito ESG Solutions includes functionality for double materiality assessment and the complete ESRS reporting framework with all 1000+ data points. The model is ready to be used after adding reporting structures (plant, company, region etc). With Intito ESG Solution it’s easy to collect data from multiple sources on a detailed level i.e. kWh per energy type.

5 Benefits of Intito ESG Solution

  • Collect data in different formats and from multiple sources
  • Complete ESRS reporting framework with all 1000+ data points
  • Reporting workflow allows for input from multiple stakeholders and provides visibility into the process, as well as a logged and secure platform for auditing
  • Scope 1, 2 and 3 emission calculations
  • Built in double materiality assessment

The Intito ESG Solution harmonizes and structures your data so that you can easily perform Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions calculations. Set ESG targets at a strategic and operational level. Track, analyze and report on performance and progress in one place. It enables self-service analysis and pre-built dashboards for operational sustainability reporting.

The Intito ESG Solution is developed by our experts in collaboration with our clients. It’s a model that works on the IBM Planning Analytics Platform. We recommend combining it with Certent Disclosure Management, which can handle disclosure including iXBRL tagging.

Intito ESG Solution FAQ

  • Does it support reporting according to ESRS? Yes, it does.
  • Can I do double materiality analysis with it? Yes, double materiality analysis is one of the features of the Intito ESG Solution.
  • Is it possible to connect materiality assessment to datapoints? Yes, it’s possible to connect materiality assessment to datapoints.
  • Can I calculate climate impact with it? Yes, Intito ESG Solution supports climate calculation in Scope 1, 2 and 3 climate calculations.
  • Can I meet the requirements of the EU taxonomy with it? Yes, you can!
  • Can I collect data at a detailed level? Yes, and you can consolidate both qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Will my data be traceable for audits? Yes, your data will be traceable and transparent, for tracking and easy audits.
  • Can I report on measures that are unique to my organization? Yes, you can add reporting to additional frameworks and/or unique measures.
  • Can I integrate the Intito ESG Solution with other systems? Yes, you can!
  • What kind of reporting does it support? It supports manual reporting as well as automated workflows through integrations and file imports.
  • Can I export data or graphs from it? Yes, you can import and export data/graphs.
  • Does it have a direct connection to MS Excel? Yes, it does!
  • Will I get a team to help me develop the platform as needed or as regulatory requirements change? Yes, our team is more than happy to assist with further development needs.

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